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Meet Vickie Lopez: Our Visionary Founder

Vickie Lopez, the passionate owner and founder of Venus Builders Inc DBA Venus Windows and Doors, is a remarkable force in the industry. 

Her dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to her local community have earned her recognition from esteemed authorities. 

Vickie was honored with the prestigious 2022 Biz Up Grant, a commendation celebrated by the commissioners, the mayor, and Miami-Dade County. 

This recognition is a testament to her outstanding leadership and innovative approach in the construction and window and door solutions industry.

Government-Certified Expertise in Storm Protection

Vickie Lopez and Venus Builders Inc DBA Venus Windows and Doors boast an impressive portfolio of over 10 government certifications, including WOSB, WOMBE, DBE, MDCPS, and SBE.

These certifications are a testament to Vickie’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services to government agencies. With a strong focus on quality and community well-being, Vickie thrives on protecting her local community against the forces of bad weather and storms.

Her company’s government certifications underscore their ability to provide unmatched storm protection solutions while fostering a safer and more resilient community.

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